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24 year old Southern California rapper K Rosenberg, born on San Bernardino''s west end has grown from many trials and tribulations in life. Witnessing his father walk away and his mother fall victim to forclosure, evictions, repossessions and layoffs which created an immense amount of instability, that would shape life early. He quickly learned that life isn''t a straight shot, there''s ups and downs and you''ll get more curve balls then not. "No matter how she pitch it, you have to swing your bat, because no matter how small...a home run is always a possibility." Finding music to be a viable outlet early on, as a way to express himself. "I''ve always loved music, even before I knew I did." Says Rosenberg. "I think that ''Pac gave the most meaning to Hip Hop, he showed us how powerful music can be. He painted Hip Hop in the light of being an art form and not so much a means to be extorted strictly for monetary gain. We are all influenced by what speaks to us whether it be our circumstances or that of others, and in the beginning before you have a name you do what speaks to you, so it makes you think...once you have a voice that can reach beyond limitations and speak to someone else...what would you say?"
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Loco (feat. Nakuu)

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