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The Carolinas have a new face on the hip hop scene. From opening shows with some of todays influential hip hop artists such as Pitbull, The Clipse, Lil Boosie, Pastor Troy, Yo Gotti, and Future just to name a few. Although being able to experience these moments feels like a dream come true to most, it was only a stepping stone for more to come. Louie D began his music career as a freestyler, carrying on another moniker as, D. Eagle. Entering rap battles from state to state, winning cash prizes or bragging rights, really set the bar right where it needed to be, but that part of his musical career didnt last long. In 2010, he gained radio airplay with the single Im So Paid, which created more buzz, and it had everybody like Who is Louie D. Thats where it kind of started at. Oct 2011, he released the mixtape Thought Process, that gained a lot of street credibility and became the topic on social media. With the singles My Team and Got That Glow, to follow up, he began building and expanding by merchandising his Classified brand with Got Glow shirts to promote the mixtape, which he sold out within the first week of sales. In a few short weeks he was awarded a bronze medal on for having outstanding downloads. Performing at a few showcases and receiving awards from independent and major sponsors, Conrad Dimanche, former A&R of Bad Boy Records was one of the few to acknowledge his talent. Louie D would describe his music as motivational, fun, and hip hop to its purest form. Although being from the south, hip hop critics would say down south rappers dont display lyrical content, Louie D proved his vocal ability on the introduction to Thought Process, giving you punch line after line. Now with a new project in the works, Louie D is keeping the torch lit, with two new singles, due to release soon, to promote So Unbeatable, a project that he says he put everything into and he know people will grow to consider a masterpiece. With the singles Bill Russell and Talk My Sh*t circulating the Djs airwaves, this project could be his big break into the industry. With the intentions to continue Independently, decisions get harder when youre faced with choices to sign with a major label and reap the benefits, or stay building your brand, knowing one day it will all pay off, as stated by Louie D, I dont work hard to keep working hard, shows the motivation and dedication he is as an artist. Now working with new producers and engineers Louie D is creating a new sound for his fans, so continue this Classified journey, its only one way to go from here. #CLASSIFIED #IPUTMYSELFON
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So Unbeatable coming soon
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