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Hip Hops new crave, Hunny KaPow. From Cleveland, Ohio (home of one of the best male groups "Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony") has been soaring through the internet and every street. The name "Hunny KaPow" comes from her sweet lyrics and sexiness ("Hunny or "Honey") and the aggressiveness (KaPow) she has. Doing gigs all over Cleveland Ohio, Hunny KaPow earns every bit of given recognition. At only 21 years old, she writes her own lyrics and keeps the audience wanting more. Unsigned, she's looking for the best new opportunity. In 2010 Dj Fahrenheit presented Young Jeezy's state-to-state competition "Making The Next Hit" which she attended. Making it to the finals but sadly not passing to the finale, it drove her to push harder. Shockingly, in the same year, after dropping her 2009 mixtape More Then Music Hosted by Dj Hard Rock, she won "The Best New Female MC" and "The Most Downloaded Ringtone" award (for her hit "They Know", listed on her previous mixtape "More Then Music"), given at a local award assembly. Three years later dropping her 2nd mixtape "The Introduction Of Hunny KaPow" Hosted by: Dj Stop N Go (under Loyal 100) she grabs the attention of the crowd and keeps them wanting more. After waiting three years to drop another project, she took that time in finding herself as an artist and dropping her previous name "Lil Kee." Going from (her 2009 mixtape) "More Then Music" to "The Introduction Of Hunny KaPow" (released in 2012) she definitely shows maturity and growth. Changing her name was the first biggest step in her evolution, The Introduction Of Hunny KaPow was just the beginning of reintroducing herself as an artist. With a first impression of new material, she had the opportunity to think outside the box trying things people never heard or would expect from her. By "More Then Music" being more personal and slowed down compared to The Introduction Of Hunny KaPow, she wanted people to know the difference when listening to the both. Feeling like a story needs to be told, she continues with the plan of dropping more volumes giving the fans a feeling of getting to know the real Hunny KaPow behind the music. Proving that she still has the same hunger and determination Hunny KaPow took the title of becoming the first place winner in the 2012 "Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer-Cleveland Edition". Running up against some of the toughest performers and being the only female artist to compete in the competition, she grabs the audience attention and keeps them entertained. "I love what I do, I love being on stage and seeing people actually being apart of my performance. I'm an entertainer and I demand the crowds attention, even if there not rockin' wit me I have there attention" she says. Hunny KaPow continues to shut down every venue with her outstanding performances bringing confidence and entertainment. Her love for her city and fans keeps her humble and motivated to push further. When asked what makes her different from any other rapper, she states "I'm not just any rapper I'm an artist. I sing, dance and rap. I don't just make music, I live it. This is my craft and I love what I do. "The top not my destination its my rest stop, and under my feet is where your quest stop" -Hunny KaPow

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