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Bio: Exitfame Boston, Ma Hip hop , writer Born in Boston June 17 1985 , fell in love with music since a toddler Father Eric Henderson Sr Did music in 70s to early 90s and toured the country Mother Maria Henderson Had Eric in Morning Star Baptist Church as a child and involved in the music ministry As time went on Eric "EXITFAME" fell in love with hip hop and began writing and rapping as early as elementary school . By the time Eric was in high school he was introduced to his neighborhood were life took a negative turn and found himself in jail at the age of 14 While Dys Eric began battle rapping and writing music about the Harsh realities of his neighborhood. In his life Eric went to state prison and became fame flynt were he proceeded with music and battle rap. He came home released music and got a taste of the music business But after the passing of his father Eric turned to drugs and a life of crime In 2019 Eric Changed his life and became EXITFAME Since then his passion for music and God have rejuvenated him and he's been on a mission since His goal is to show the world what God can do with someone from the absolute bottom


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