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His name is ANTFeLLA so don’t ask no more questions…He’s FeLLA to the ladies because (Forreal Every Lady Loves Ant). Born January 9, 1991, Charlotte Native, but this international award winning, hall-of-fame rapper/songwriter/singer holds no punches in the realm of the music world. Most know him from his popular single “Make It Jump” (video on YouTube). He is now in the works of campaigning his newest album NO TIME 2 WASTE with the classic single “BROKER THAN A JOKE”(video on YouTube). He grew up rough in the neighborhood of Hidden Valley, broken home, but a product of both musically inclined parents. His father exposed him to funk and rock n’ roll, in which, he found a heavy influence in Jimmy Hendrix, the Bee Gees, and the Parliament-Funkadelic. His mother, more on the R&B and Blues side of things, exposed him to Toni Braxton, Stephanie Mills, Freddie Jackson, and the singer/songwriter/producer Paul Lawrence Jones. These musical legends and greats helped mold his mind to the musical genius that you hear through your speakers. While he was babysat by his sister(his business influence), she exposed him to Wu Tang Clan, The Lox, Nas, Jay-Z, the Lost Boys, Mobb Deep, Timbaland and Uncle Luke. She rounded out his lyrical capabilities, while he found himself wining battles while skipping 3rd period in high school. He won a Golden Mike Freestyle Battle for THE CLIPSE. He linked up with his producer and personal mentors Robert Wilson, Tim Byrd, and Chuck Beats helped him fashion and complete the album NO TIME 2 WASTE. The single “BROKER THAN A JOKE” expresses the feelings of anyone working to overcome their current life’s obstacles. While melodic and vivid, this classic hit embodies old school vibe with new school lyrics and production to move you for years to come. ANTFeLLA’s album NO TIME 2 WASTE includes several hits such as DARK SIDE OF MY MIND (, O.G.L.S. ( & video on YouTube), just to name a couple. Album slated to drop in September. So prepare yourself for the pandemonium of ANTFeLLA.

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