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Jesse JameL was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Jesse comes from a poor family; therefore, his options were limited when it came to trying to survive. Jesse quickly became a product of his environment. Jesse's mother and biological father separated when Jesse was around the age of 2 or 3. Jesse’s mother remarried, so Jesse had a stepfather who played an active role in his life. Unfortunately, both his mother and his stepfather fell victim to drug addiction. As a result, both parents were incarcerated for drug distribution. Jesse was placed into the custody of Child Protective Services and placed into a group home. Jesse quickly learned three valuable concepts: friends are difficult to find, the term family simply means people who live together because they are related, nothing more, and to survive in this world you must be able to take care of yourself. “Although I learned a lot growing up on the street, it was not easy to navigate through life alone. I do not know how many times I was incarcerated before finally receiving an eight-year sentence. Mistakes were made, but I learned from every one of them. Everybody takes a loss, right?” While serving his eight-year sentence, Jesse was able to focus on his craft of creating music. Jesse performed for hundreds of prisoners as if it was a live show. He also learned to channel his emotions and use his personal experiences to enhance the lyrical content. The feedback Jesse received from the prisoners greatly influenced his decision to pursue a career in music. Therefore, upon his release, Jesse did attempt to begin his music career; however, some major roadblocks put him off course. First, he had to return to prison, then he had to fight a murder case in Colorado, which he was later acquitted, and he had to deal with the traumatic event of his brother’s suicide. In 2020, Jesse was released from his sentence. Soon thereafter, he founded Wayz Out World Entertainment, which provides audio recording and videography services. Now, music is Jesse's full-time hustle. He refrains from any type of behavior that could jeopardize his opportunity. “My music is solely about my life, my personal experiences, and events I have witnessed. Hopefully listeners can relate to my lyrics and know they are not alone in their struggle. Many people have been down this road before. And this is to my fans who think I do it for the fame, look me in the eyes bitch, I only spit the pain."

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