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J Wils Hip-Hop and Afropop Music Videos Watch J Wils’ hottest Hip-Hop and Afropop music videos, all your favorite rap, R&B, hip-hop, and Afropop playlist hits in one place. Find J Wils’ latest and best rap and Afrobeats music video news of today and all time. iTunes Soundcloud? Spotify Amazon Music J WILS – Afropop, Hip Hop Music Star Afropop, Hip Hop and R&B music star, J WILS, has released his HOT new Afropop music single “It’s Your Birthday”. Distributed by: INGROOVES / FONTANA / UNIVERSAL Music Group. This latest release is climbing fast the top Afropop and Afrobeats playlists and is set to make the hot 100 songs for 2022 – 2023! “IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY” is now on ITUNES, AMAZON, SPOTIFY, GOOGLEPLAY AND MORE. Add “It’s Your Birthday” party song to your Afropop and Afrobeats playlist today! Leading up to his latest party singles “Vibe With you” and “Sip-N-Dip”, J WILS has laso released other hits, such as Taken, and Freestyle. He’s also added perfromances next World Star Kizz Daniels in Liberia, an endorsement by eco-friendly urban clothing line CaliFlo Inc., and even made a promotional music video appearance promoting the high quality and eco-friendly Hemp, Cotton, and Bamboo clothing brand. That music video also featured rap lyrics by Hip Hop and R&B music star J WILS, and also featured a special performance by Hip Hop teen star Manny Raxx spittin’ bars and amplifying the cool urban Hemp, organic Cotton, and Bamboo t-shirts and hoodies brand. In addition, J WILS has also picked up an endorsement deal with BROKEN SHED Vodka (New Zealand), bringing together Hip Hop and R&B music fans with the official spirit of every college party. In the past, he has also been endorsed by Atlanta rapper YOUNG JEEZY’s urban clothing line 8732 Apparel. With J WILS being an ARTIST, PRODUCER, SONGWRITER, PERFORMER and C.E.O. of LaSMOUVE RECORDS out of Bridgeport, CT, he is still winning BIG and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Having the opportunity to produce “MY KINDA GIRLS”, a platinum music record for FAT JOE and TERROR SQUAD back in 2001 for LaSMOUVE PRODUCTION on Atlantic / Big Beat Records has given J WILS a good taste of what the music industry has to offer. He is up for the challenge and has created a HIP HOP, R&B, and Rap music style that is undeniable with hot music beats, catchy dance music hooks, and intoxicating radio melodies that make music audiences chant and sing along. Stay tuned for more from Hip Hop and R&B music star J WILS. J Wils Full Bio J Wils Afropop, Hip-Hop & R&B
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