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Shantel "Quiet Storm" Powell was born and raised in the Mecca of hip-hop culture, The Boogie Down Bronx. Quiet Storm has an insatiable appetite for music and keeps herself open to the variety of flavors that surround her. In early childhood, Shantel wanted to sing and act professionally, but due to parental pressures to pursue a more "secure" lifestyle, Shantel set aside her artistic endeavors to earn a college education. She went on to obtain a doctoral degree in counseling psychology in 2020. During her graduate studies, Shantel soon discover that rap came naturally to her as a way to circumvent the emotions that came with the stressors of grad school. Briefly trying on the artist name, Shrink Rap. Shantel generally has a lot to say but can be bookish and shy at times and keeps her thoughts to herself but when she finally unloads, it's a Quiet Storm.
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