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Presenting GTM Haze, a name that has only recently gained quite a lot of popularity on the streets of New York. Don't be fooled by the humble lyrics; this artist is one to be reckoned with in the ever-changing world of hip-hop and R&B Born in Springfield, Ohio, GTM Haze embodies the phrase "started from the bottom." The singer's journey from Ohio to New York hasn't been easy. However, hip-hop and other genres of music always felt natural to him. The artist's music is unique in its lyricism and heartfelt beats that transport you to relatable memories and moments in life that can only be felt. This leaves you thinking about the song long after he leaves the stage. GTM Haze loves performing. In fact, he is known for the energy he brings to the stage and how he makes his audience feel. With every bar and beat, the audience feels the sound and hidden meaning reverberate through their soul. The artist's fondest memory was opening for Beanie Siegal and Freeway in 2020, a night he hopes to recreate on stage one day. The first step toward this long journey is his latest release, Straight Drop Vol 1. With mystery, warmth, and anticipation, the artist's fans can't help but remain on the edge of their seats for the next release his fan-following lives through the mystery and attraction of his unique sound. GTM Haze helps organizations that need his contributions the most in his free time. Donating a percentage of his streams helps the homeless and hungry meet their basic requirements. This takes him back to his roots and where he started. Now that he is here, he aims to work on his sound and ensure his brand and music reach the fans who cherish him the most.

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