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Alabama native talent, Remedi, has entered the world debuting her first studio recorded album ‘Take 1’. The artist brings a unique energy to the R&B world with her lyrics and descriptive writing. Her sultry and dragging tones completes the southern swagger of this Alabama overlooked talent. “I started singing when I was 2, my momma can vouch for that”, Remedi explains in a phone interview. “It wasn’t until I was 11 or 12 when I recorded my first studio record.” Remedi’s musical inspiration is credited to the late, great Whitney Houston. Houston’s tones and power drives Remedi to create the sound we fall in love with through the speakers. She chose her crew of supporters and technicians, “Ali [producer and engineer for Take 1] is the one who helped me produce the sound and showed me how to mix and master my voice for music. I can't imagine moving forward without his help, honestly.” Remedi loves to cultivate love around those she has grown around over the years of her amatuer career. Whenever she turns her phone and social media off she spends time with her family. “My kid(s) are my world. I do all this to give them a better life. I would do anything for them. I love my babies!” She claims a core circle for her to share and enjoy life, “I’ve thrown house parties and functions for my friends and family. Me and my girls are always down for a good trip, you feel me!” Remedi’s debut album ‘Take 1’ is streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and other streaming platforms. Have you heard Alabama’s newest sensation?

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