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L.C - Musical Artist / Rapper / SongWriter born Christian Austin in the year of 1991. Oldest of 4 Christian developed his driven mindset growing up in the Urban Streets of Chicago (Auburn Gresham). Having to create and improvise, produced a great level of thinking outside of the box. To be aware is to be alive. Growing in the Chicago that was a very important message given from common survivors of the area. Christian comes from a background of minor casualties yet still form a dominant impact. Very positive spoken person which lead to speaking only when spoken to. Having that mentality forms a level of honor, knowing “when you do speak” people listen. Creative writing projects performed and brought to life inspired Christians passion to become an musical artist. Before he was in front of the camera, we was producing and helping develop behind the camera. Fellow artist of the 323 Management Team gave his the inspiration needed to pick up the pen and craft his lyrics into music in the booth. Lately Musical Artis L.C have created songs such as “4 Da Gang” , “Rapid Fire” , & Latest Unreleased Track Titled “Skitzo-Phrenic”. Also having music featured with musical artist ArmaniGocrazy & AuthenticPoncho. Working towards an Mixtape release L.C describes his music as Hip-Hop and Rap genre with a twist. “Very Creative” he mentions … “No Rap Cap” as he laughs.

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