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Really Bad People started creating music for their debut album back in late 2019/early 2020. The group originally started with around 8 members and as time went on was consolidated down to 4 (Kriz Mac, Tynn Dolla, Kayoss & Kid Codeine). The goal of group was to create a unique sub-genre where every every member had a completely different style than the next. RBP records together at Middle Eight recording studio in Springfield, MO that was founded by Tynn Dolla in 2018. The group not only has its own studio but has self-promoted live shows, shot/edited/directed music videos, produced beats, created graphics & practiced music marketing with aspirations of learning the music industry front to back. When you listen to a Really Bad People album, their versatility is very predominant. Everything from catchy, commercial radio hit to alternative underground bangers. RBP has a smart/arrogant/flashy vibe with an anti-hero demeanor that you are sure to fall in love with immediately. Their demographic stretches from young adults to your granny. The group does not try to make a rap song or a pop song, they try to make great music no matter the genre.


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