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Terrod McLean also known as “FivesUpRoddy” was born in East Orange, New Jersey and was raised in the Essex County of Jersey until about the age of 12 when he moved to Franklin Township in Somerset New Jersey,where he graduated high school attending Franklin High School. FivesUp was always into music, whether it was R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, etc. He wanted to expand his musicality to find himself in the music industry, he was surrounded by 90’s throwbacks (Hip-Hop/R&B) all his life which showed him different flows as well as melodies to switch up his own. So when it was time for him to create music of his own, he wrote and thought about his roots to guide him to creating gold. FivesUp was always nervous to record his work for personal reasons and doubt of success. His boost of motivation was the death of his little brother or “vrother” of “The 5amily”, Samaad Z. Frazier who passed on the day of December 31, 2019 due to gun violence. Which explains why Roddy says “2UP” in every song because he believes Samaad is in the booth with him while recording. Especially since Samaad always made him feel confident about his work but his death made Roddy follow up and start to pursue his dreams of being an artist. “2UP” also represents Samaad’s Instagram name which had “2UP”. Driving him to record his first single “2UP Freestyle”.The young artist has a long road ahead him and is willing to put anything on the line to succeed for him and Samaad with “The 5amily” right behind him.


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