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Moe Mak is a talented rapper based in Minnesota. He is independent and simple as many of upcoming rappers nowadays. Born in Dubai, to California then to Minnesota MoE MaK was highly into and moved by rap/hiphop music. Many of his influences came from the struggle he can relate to. From Tupac, Nas, Notorious B.I.G, all the way to Lil Boosie, Tyga, Fabolous, Nipsey Hussle & etc...His singles "In My Zone" & "Money Money" received urban radio airplay in 2010. Being one of the best young Somali rappers, his talents, and delivery can never be ignored. MoE MaK usually takes what he starts with and turns it into an absolute experience for the listener complimenting the story telling. Performing all around the Twin Cities gave him the inspiration, not to mention the unique like relationship he has with music. Listeners overseas hive him a lot of support and inspiration that can never be denied as well. Also amazing is that MoE MaK actually only recorded once at a full blown studio, the rest is surprisingly using his own abilities to simply work a laptop and a microphone. Let it be known that the first goal this self made artist is chasing is the connection or relation between the fans and his music. Fame comes with the game, but he learned that instead of delivering the same usual material these other artists bring to the table he rather make the song that the listeners can relate to. Agree or disagree MoE MaK is aiming for the best of it, and what's better than aiming for the top constantly non stop! Growing up in a dangerous environment made him realize how much life is worth. Loosing a lot of his close friends to street violence, jail bars, and him almost loosing his life more than once inspired this young talented artist to make amazing music. The youth rather listen to one of their own telling their stories in every song than a grown up that doesn't comprehend how the youngsters function culturally nowadays. By the support of his close friends, and the ears of the listeners MoE MaK proved to a lot of people that his talents cannot be denied. Besides the rhymes, 90% of MoE MaK's lyrics are true life experiences that he went or is going though. Wether the fans call him Realist or MoE MaK; once you hear his music you definitely can't deny that this youngster is not your ordinary rapper, rather say what a lot of people say "how many rap styles do you embrace, dam!"

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