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Puerto Rican artist based out of Scranton PA representing 570!! I have severe ADHD & Bipolar along with mild autism, so none of my music sounds the same I try to capture a different emotion or vibe every time I start my artistic process. Growing up as a troubled youth poetry was an outlet for me and I realized certain music made me feel certain emotions, so I wanted to be an artist who combined both and help individuals heal through music. Music shouldn’t just be words over a beat but rather something you feel. I try to bring my fans into my mind's eye so they can feel what I felt while working on a project. I would compare my music to that of juice wrld, xxxtentacion, lil peep, & drake. Emotional rap/punk rock/pop so if you love these artists, it's definitely worth giving my music a listen!! I’m a 3 time coast2coast live contest winner. I’ve been featured in several blogs and podcasts. I’ve also won an award for 1 of my music videos. I’ve done local tours and also won a song contest in Las Vegas & Philadelphia. If you want to get to know me personally and what I think and feel just listen to my music I give a piece of myself in each song

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