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With his Cameroonian , African Background, American Singer/Songwriter Fanyu introduces his fresh, vocally abundant sound to each platform. Although his delivery samples a blend of Rnb and traditional pop , Fanyu is an artist who likes to blend it well with modern hip-hop. The hip-hop influence is minimal but detectable within his cadences. "My father played all kinds of music including African , but i gravitated torwards pop and rap music more" He says. His biggest hip-hop influence is J.cole but Fanyu has also stated to have been a fan of artists such as Bruno Mars, Miguel, Musiq Soulchild, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Fanyu has always demonstrated a passion for the performing arts since a young age. At 7 years old he found his love for art when he would draw and writes poems. At 9 years old Fanyu started to share his singing and dancing abilities at schools he attended, local talent shows, and family events and states that his love for music was always well received by his peers. At 15 years old , He auditioned for the voice but got turned down after the 1st audition. He started crafting original his songs in highschool shortly afterwards with his boy group "F.A.B" and their sound eventually become popular With the students. The boy group eventually split and went solo. Today Fanyu resides in Atlanta, Ga and studies cybersecurity and works several part times jobs to fund his music career.

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