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Haitian-born recording artist and songwriter Kemdilo Gold's grind in the Canadian music scene started as tumultuous and rugged as it gets after being smuggled into the United States to reach his family. Roots were eventually planted in Longueuil, just outside of Montréal in less than ideal conditions and the pursuit of musical greatness began under the newly created imprint, Sound of Digits. The label is run by Gold's older brother and artist/producer, 10Digits, and has been operating independently for several years. based in Toronto, Kemdilo Gold ('Genius Outlook Locating Dimensions') is as motivated as he is talented, and looking to better himself with each day he is blessed with. "Everyday is an upgrade," as he puts it. The seasoned new age rap artist has used the past several years to perfect his upbeat sound, which he qualifies as a soul rap, trap and jazz mix. Gold wants to be remembered for his work as an entertainer and poet, but leaving a legacy as someone who helped others achieve their dreams is equally as important. Despite a traumatic and uncertain childhood, Gold has maintained an optimistic outlook on life and developed a penchant for dancing and became quite skillful using various instruments. Overall, he's worked vigorously to create a sound unique to his experiences and purpose.
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