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I've been into music since I was the age of 7 because my Auntie always had different videos recorded from TV and I knew I always wanted to be like the people on TV. The first time I ever got in the studio was in 2007. And that's when I realized I really got this great talent to be able to write my own music off of any beat weather it was a good or bad beat. I mean I knew I always had the talent that's just when it came out and I wasn't afraid to do it or should I say I wasn't shy anymore. So that was the beginning of Lil Mama Savage because I use to call myself Shay G. Which means Shay Gangsta. I was with Hood Figures first. Then with Smokin Gunz. And now I am a independent artist. I Love being a mother. I have all boys. My favorite color is Royal blue. I love to cook. I love maryjane. I just love enjoying life in general. My occupation is a certified Nurses Aid. My hobby is Rapping until it starts paying me. Lol. And most of all I love GOD and his son JESUS.


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