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Chopin is a French-born singer/songwriter/musician/producer. His love of music began at the age of 7, when he was enrolled in a Music School in France. As a part of the school program, Chopin took classical piano and vocal lessons and learned about music theory. He found he had a good ear for music and from a very early age could duplicate songs he heard on the radio on his piano. While living in France, he became an accomplished pianist, regularly performing classical piano pieces at various concerts and events. Chopin moved to the US in 2012 and after graduating, enrolled in the University of Arizona and began performing as a cover artist in coffee shops, bars and at Open Mic events where he built his confidence and started developing his own unique vocal style. Chopin moved to Las Vegas in 2017 and in early 2018, connected with his current management team, Two Girls Talent, who have been focused on his artist development. Chopin has begun to develop his own writing and music composition skills and properly train his voice so that he can reach his full potential vocally and artistically. He has been working with legendary vocal fitness coach, Craig Derry who has trained everyone from Alicia Keys to Adele. His original track was recorded 3-time Grammy award winner and 20-time nominated writer and producer, Adonis Shropshire, who has written hits for Usher, Chris Brown and JLo to name but a few. He wrote and produced his second original song, Speak Up, for a benefit concert and performed it at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, in front of a live audience and live stream. He has since become a proficient songwriter and has spent the last year creating original musical content, working again with Shropshire as well as with accomplished songwriter, Mary Brown, who was responsible for Destiny's Child's first hit, "No, No, No",and is known for starring in "Making of the Band" as the shows songwriter. Chopin is presently in the studio writing and recording new, original music and is preparing to introduce his unique sound to the world, through his first original song "Oh La La".

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