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Philly Black is a Hip-Hop emcee from Philadelphia, PA. Born into an age of words having meaning and power, Philly Black's sound is a unique one. A smooth intellectual flow that erupts into a semi-automatic burst embodying the essence of hip-hop. Philly Black has been creating music for over 20 years, the music that he creates is inspired by the essence of what hip-hip culture is truly all about peace, love and having fun while tackling issues that not only affects him, the world around him but also his future. Philly Black has performed in front of and shared the stage with many legendary Hip-Hop emcees and DJ's such as Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boyz, Gillie Da Kid from Major Figures, Cuban Link from the Terror Squad and legendary DJ's such as DJ SoulBuck, and DJ NoPhrillz. Philly Black’s hip-hop career began while serving in the United States Army (1996-2004) where he formed the hip-hop group Urban Theory (1998). The group consisted of 3 members Seven, Camouflage, and Philly Black. The group was signed to the Black Rose Records label in Dongducheon, South Korea where they recorded and released their first single “Thought Awareness” which appeared on the Black Rose Records Compilation album “Ghetto Rising” released 1999, the single was widely received overseas as a very insightful and thought-provoking record. You can also hear The Philly Black teaming up with producer and R&B singer Forte on the R&B/Hip-hop record “Ambitious.” During his time serving as a Mechanized Infantry Man Philly Black received various awards and medals and left the Army with an honorable discharge and E4 promotable status. After returning to the states in 2001 Philly Black enrolled into school to study computer programming and criminal justice. During that time he had gotten married, had 6 children and although he decided to take a step back from his musical career Philly Black continued to hone his craft. Over the years The Philly Black stayed active on the music scene recording, independently releasing and performing his music throughout the tri-state area whenever he could get the chance. In 2013 Philly Black started to gain some notoriety with the release of “Who I Be” winning LL Coo J's pick of the week on Who I Be is a smooth and mellow grown-up record featuring an array of live instruments giving you that jazz, blues feel. In 2022 Philly Black released his latest independent project titled “On My Way” a self-defining album recognizing the state of affairs that negatively affects the personal or social lives of individuals and the well-being of communities as a whole. On My Way has already amassed over 125,000 streams to date without any marketing or promotion and received numerous music streaming awards. Check out the music video On My Way.
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