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The dynasty that rebirth itself…. Straight Drop Music Group consisting of both Yung Wizzle and Lady Nesha is far from anything far-fetched. The dynamic duo first made their impact with Lady Nesha’s debut release of her single “IDB”, which was quickly picked up and caused question for speculation throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. Yung Wizzle who is not by far new to the scene has released some talked about projects over the past years including “5 Hour Yung” which made him noticeably lyrical, as it made its way across the globe. Coming from a place where it’s hard to be noticed, both Yung Wizzle (Orangeburg) and Lady Nesha (Bennettsville) are South Carolina natives, where for a while it seemed like the search for real talent hardly never took place. With the release of their summer joint album “FANNAMERICA” the duo some call “ahead of their time” are making it known throughout the world and they have no intentions on stopping anytime soon. “Success is what you make it, the only person in control of what makes your dreams a reality is the person you look at daily in the mirror”, a statement Yung Wizzle made in 2015 at a performance event dedicated to charity. Both artists have openly spoken about the good and bad in the industry. Not only do they talk about the best of things, they even go into detail about the everyday struggle in politics and the current reality through their music. No matter the mood or occasion, the vibes this dynamic duo gives off is sure to be a relatable one. “We are in a lane of our own and we are definitely here to stay” -Lady Nesha-

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