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Camryn Burnett aka Ris’Caiy, is a rapper, singer, songwriter and creative director. Born May 17th 1999, Chicago, IL. Her sound is various and unexampled as she mixes deranged creative voices with her many personalities. She can rhyme about kooky fantasies, personal stories or things she’s interested in such as statistics or sexism. Her biggest influences come from old 70s and 90s R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock n Roll, and Jazz. Her music touches most crowds, coming from a lower middle class home in a judgmental and toxic environment where people are afraid to be themselves. She also relates to women’s harsh experiences, from mentally and physically abusive men to empowering the statical women thought process. She performs with enthusiasm and an undeniable feeling of honesty, character and sex appeal. She’s in in her most comfortable state when she hits the stage and gives the crowd her naturally aggressive attitude, sensual dance moves, and conversational performance style that gives the fans a show every time.

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