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From the moment she could stand on her feet, Miss Ke’Aira Roberson displayed the love for rhythmic activities, including but not limited to dance. Her lifelong dance studies began at the age of four years old. As one of the youngest students of Universal Dance Designs and members of the Kennedy Tap Company under the direction of the infamous Paul and Arlene Kennedy, Ke’Aira grasped techniques in ballet, tap and jazz. She continued her studies until the age of eight (8) when she was scouted and signed as a client of Bloc Talent Agency and employed by Tomm’ys Hip Hop Clowns.” Aside from entertaining kids at birthday parties, Ke’Aira returned to her dance studies at Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy. With all her dance classes and weekend employment with Tommy the Clown, Ke’Aira managed to have time for lights, cameras and action. She has a background of studying and working with top choreographers like Debbie Allen, Fatima Robinson, Shane Sparks, and Free. The next years she booked dancing jobs with Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Elton John, Ne-Yo, Boost Mobile, Pepsi, Kool-Aid, Macy’s, Mattel and many more. Her studies continued at Debbie Allen’s, Debbie Reynold’s, Millenium Dance Complex and Hype Studio. By age 12, Ke’Aira had mastered free style and choreographed hip hop routines. She also began to explore “Krump”. “Krushal Kiddz” was formed in 2006, under her choreography. Their performances included “106th and Park” and “Showtime at the Apollo”. Additionally, the Kiddz taught the hip hop group “Audio Push” to jerk. A former member of the dance troupe, Ke’Aira continued classes at Hollywood High Performance Arts Magnet, where her 2009 solo performance won first place in a state dance competition. She spent her leisure time teaching choreography for youth cheer groups. In 2010 she became a dance instructor at Lula Washington Dance Theater, specializing in beginner, intermediate and advanced hip hop. a member of the Screen Actors Guild. Ke’Aira has proven that there is no age limit when it comes to following your dreams.

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