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Raised in Seattle, WA; 7-year bestfriends, John Jones (J Skip/Wolfman Skip) descendant of the late Jimi Hendrix, and Louis Collins (Lou Stunt/Late Bloom Lou) created the super duo “Class Clowns” in their 8th grade year (2009). Transforming their naturally gifted poetry into lyrics and knack for banging beats on school desks to making sounds of music. Desiring perfection, Class Clowns have quietly released throughout the years but shelving many projects. In 2015, Class Clowns formed with a collective group of Artists and Producers known as “Rock & Roll Summer Camp”, teaming up with Kase Closed to eventually executive produce their debut. Dj’ing shows and making production appearances on various projects in the meanwhile, Class Clowns have done it all but now is the time for their own success. On their 10 year anniversary Class Clowns will own 2019 with the release of their highly anticipated debut album “Dropouts”. "We reinvented the wheel." -Class Clowns

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