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Izzy Cash is a first-class up and coming Brooklyn, NYC based Hip Hop artist from Grenada who skillfully puts out harmonious hooks heralding a smoothly precise lyrical flow. Izzy’s musical content includes a variety of personal topics: women, work, Hip Hop, the pursuit of success, and loved ones passed on. His real-to-life libretto can be heard on his songs . These songs and more can be found on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes. Izzy’s aspirations are derived from absorbing the music of his childhood. As a self-taught musical artist, he has diligently developed his own voice around his natural abilities. Izzy hopes to take his modest beginnings to the lavish spoils of Hip Hop greatness to provide his family with enough and then some. His main motivation and inspiration is providing for them. This kindred cause drives him to continue making his dream into a reality by way of hard work and a passion for the art form. This mentality is one of the cardinal messages that he hopes to communicate to his audience. High-level artistry and Brooklyn verisimilitude bleeds through in Izzy’s music providing the personality that makes his songs relatable, audibly pleasing, and mentally stimulating. He’s honest with himself and his audience. If you like music that is quick, smart, with a fresh Ritz crisp check him out and enjoy

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