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My mixtape street hall of fame is due for release April 6,2019 my name is LorSnowball I’m a up n come artist from Baltimore I was rapping before I went to prison for nine years I only be home for 30 days I have two video on YouTube and one do for release the names of my two videos are LorSnowball here no more and LorSnowball- rapdreams both on YouTube right now I’m 26 years old I went to prison when I was 17teen now Allah has gave me a new chance at life I grew up in south west Baltimore zone 23 a lot of drugs being sold and a lot of hate going on lor scoota put Baltimore on the map for the world to see but hate n ass niggas had to take his life all u rap niggas want to be bout that life come live n Baltimore for 1year and see if you can think n our streets facts thanks to coast2coast for letting the world here my music also thanks for the people who believe n me god bless etc I love my haters

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