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Bio $ho$hot S-Dot is comprised of the ethical make up known as Sean Pearson. He hails from the thrills and ills of Fayetteville NC.. Deeply rooted in the grit and grime of Murchison Rd. During the time of his uprising, he was thoroughly introduced the streets of his hometown. From gunshots to club hops,the origin of Fayettenam is instilled heavily in his DNA... This young man had always had a knack for depicting the streets in his own unique way. With his attendance of E.E Smith Sr. High, he was able to see a wide range of the good, bad, and intriguing during his highschool tenure. He has also had the opportunity to expand his horizons with his attendance of Catawba College. So not only does he have a bachelor's in the school of hard knocks, he also has a bachelor's in information systems. With the wide range of knowledge that has been bestowed upon him, he has chosen to become an arstist in his on right. A Pablo Picasso of the hood if you would. He makes his music with intentions to give a vivid picture of today's time, and what it intels. He is a leader by nature and chooses to share these pictures through expression of words. With what he brings to the table, you will be able to clearly see that there is similarity in what he visualizes and what the world sees. From block to block, from hood to hood, he takes his journey. Follow him as he takes you on a venture of lifetime.

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