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My name is John Siluano. I'm 25. Born in San Francisco and raised in Daly City. Father passed at the age of 6, mother passed at the age of 13, grandmother passed at 15 a couple hours after i brought the championship trophy home to her in 2008 for the showcase League at War Memorial Basketball gym.That's when i began poetry. Approximately one year later I set records at Cappuccino High School in San Bruno for Football. 17 touch downs in 6 games. 82 yard punt return, and over 1200 receiving yards alone that still stand. That was for my parents and grandmother. 3 months later i was kicked out at 15. This is when i started rapping A cappella. 15 - 17 i was selling weed and pills because my social security check was going towards bills. During this time i was incarcerated for 3 months and labeled as a (Norte). I fought 4 years and beat my case with an investigator based off my general knowledge. 17 to 20 i had severe injuries on my left knee. That's when i stopped playing sports because it was interfering with my my monthly income. I was the only one at my aunts house paying rent. Everyone else was living for free including my cousins. I was on probation and worked 4 part time jobs getting paid $8.00 an hour. 20 - 24 i was working 2 full time jobs. I was chasing a manager position with a company that had no plans for me in the long run. That's why my music was on hold for all these years. When i tell you i will never look at a corporation the same again. I mean it. At 24 i was terminated 3 times in one year and now I have 3 different law suits pending as well. Business is business. When you understand this you will start working towards your own corporation and ideas. During this period i fell out with close friends, lost both twins, and had to find a place to stay. This was by far the most pressure i ever faced and that's why i needed a knew beginning. 25 i started taking my music serious and we will see the outcome at the end of 2018. If you guys don't like conscience rap then my musics not for you to listen to. I have a song for every emotion one can feel. Just like i got a fit for every day of the month. I got stories and the way i deliver it is unconventional and creative. All of my songs consist of an intro, 4 hooks and 4 verses. I push my self to the limit of every song.

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