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Chyna Doll is a rapper, songwriter, author, and publisher. Born and raised in Compton California. As a teenager, Chyna discovered her God gifted talent and love for writing; it started with her writing her feelings on notepads, which led to writing raps and poems. Now she is writing and publishing music, books, and magazines. She is known for her songs Too Real, A Woman Scorned, Candy, and Bodak Burgundy. Her love for music and literature has driven her to persevere through life’s challenges and meet her goals of writing and publishing a multitude of artistic expressions. After being in the music/literacy industry, Chyna Doll has met other wonderful talented artist, authors, and writers that she is working with on other projects. As a rap artist, author, songwriter, publisher, nurse, editor, entrepreneur, devoted wife, loving mother, and hairstylist, she manages to wear all hats successfully. Chyna is a strong black woman that loves to empower and encourage women through her positive influences. She is a role model for our youth living the lifestyles that she writes about, she encourages youth in the hood not to settle for less. One of her philosophies is that; “Even though you go through struggles in life, don’t give up; push to be your best in anything you put your mind to.”

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