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Mzzladikay is not only a Female Rapper, but a HipHop artist that has already managed to get her music Main stream. In 2009 she started writing songs for fun, mimicking her favorite artist like Eminem, Lil Wayne,Lady Gaga and Tupac, trying figure out how she had to stand out, and constantly studying multiple Artist's lyrics to better understand how it was all done. In 2010 Eminem released one of her favorite albums "Recovery", and that then was the day, She released her own version of his single "Fastlane" on youtube. With that being her first project to hit the internet, it received 30k views in a week, and she even received a following including Lil Twist of Young Money, Nicki Minaj, Eric B and Rakim, and more. in 2011 and 2012 She began releasing more songs, she released 2 mixtapes and obtained a record deal offer with Warner Bros. after WIll Langoff (A&R president of warner Bros at the time) discovered her. That year she released 2 singles "TypeBlu" and "Play Me" , and got radio placement Nationwide, also including other countries. However after some time, her social media got hacked which caused her to have to start over with her following, but it never stopped her. In 2013 she released a Docu-series opportunity from MTV, later signing on to do so, but in 2014 she released a new single "Believe" Ft Cray-zSteve on Vevo, and dealing with her own demons that would be the last single for 2 years. Then with MTV, never able to fulfill her part of the deal, the contract had been cancelled in 2016. Later that year she signed on to do and international tour with Coast 2 coast, and decided to take a break until she could release an album. So in the Summer of 2017 Mzzladikay Decided to return with "Let Go and "Martian" That is now available Everywhere, including Tidal and MTV. and her Album "Taboo" is soon to be released.

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