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Im originally from New Iberia, Louisiana. Its 30 minutes South East of Louisiana. I'm an artist with Mugen Music and Management in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I just live in Poteau right now I only been here 3 times my whole life living wise I have visited but its old retirement and a racist area im African American and I was raised in the streets of New Iberia, Louisiana, as well as Lafayette. I been in Louisiana since I was little. I was born in New Iberia its a small crowded town im not sure if its a city yet but its pretty small. I got into music at the age of 13 I had alot of trials as a mixed child growing up in New Iberia I was always fighting because I was being picked on and it was always by darker brothers I hold no bad blood for it. I made a song when I was younger was out of it for a while. Till i turned 19 I found hope. I had no way of recording music even people that know people I had none. Then I linked up with my brother Dee Hym we went to middle school in Lafayette, Louisiana and we met up 7 years later and got into music. Mugen saw him first. He is a good rapper I didnt think I was all that good and plus I was content with it and I let him do his think they hit me with it outta no where and was like get in the booth you gon drop a hit boy and I recorded. A song Too Loyal on soundcloud and it got Bella view. "That Funk" is a big one im bout to hit 1k its a favorite from my fan base. I am signing up to compete because I feel like that song alone will help me win and I hope you view the link for the song I have a version out on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube as well. I have a mixtape on "The Young Hood Mentor: Class in Session" Thank you!

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