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Kenneth Gamble Jr. aka “King Gorilla” or as many call him “KG”, was born and raised in the very gritty and grimey streets of South Jamaica Queens. KG found solace in what it means to not have much. Learning that the things he wanted most had to be taken. Although both parents were present in the home, due to his mother becoming ill of Heart Failure, his father was forced to work longer hours to put food on the table. This left King no choice but to seek guidance from those around him in his neighborhood. Surrounded by drugs, violence, and poverty, King Gorilla naturally found peace in some of the greatest Hip Hop music of his generation. Hearing and gravitating to artists such as The Locs, EPMD, Jay Z, 50 Cent, and The Notorious B.I.G.!!! Wanting to be true to himself, Kenneth began calling himself KG. King due to his love for his African American heritage and Gorilla due to his mindset of business and rapping style. The initials “KG” are also a sign of respect and love to his father whom also dons the name KG. Using the tricks and the trades he acquired from being both street and book smart, King Gorilla began composing his own “rhymes”. Spitting and performing them at local shows and for friends and Family. Then on to various open mics and other live venues. For nearly a decade now he has been known for his smooth and layed back sound. KG's goal as an artist is to bring back a style that has been long forgotten. Clashing 90s hip Hop with Today’s very popular “Trap Music”. He also writes and produces music for other up and coming artists. Be on the look out for any upcoming projects coming from King Gorilla and his team Strong Arm Productions.
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