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Brian Franklin BKA Flossy 5-27-84 my childhood was good I have eight sisters and one brother that is deceased right now my mother she worked for the state and my dad was a truck driver. I grew up on the westside of Indianapolis that's pretty much it when we moved we always moved around the corner. Being the only boy around all these women girls made me step up my game. My brother he wasn't around too much in and out of jail so that made me think and think about things different but other than that had a pretty good childhood got a lot of butt whooping which I can say made me the man I am today. I've always been in the music circle my dad had a gospel group back in the day well he sung in a gospel group and they used to rehearse at our house 2 3 times a week. So one day it was Christmas my mom and dad got me this plastic guitar with plastic strings on it. And I made sure that every time they rehearse I was out there with him. My first experience in this line of work was play the drums for this group of women name Corinthian singers they gave me my first chance playing the drums. Then I picked up the bass guitar it started playing for church groups everybody I could pretty much play with I went to Northwest highschool and played in the marching band for 3 years won three championships while I was there. So I pretty much been in the music all around. I love to go fishing hunting shoot pool look at the water I'm a laid back kind of guy. the most influential person in my life right now I will say will be my close friend Rodney Phillips. He's been recording for years he's from Detroit he's a minister now down like 6-7 albums he tried to get me to do this years ago but you know how we are I was doing my own thing then. I got started producing at 15 or 16 one of my close friends uncle had a studio and had all the equipment. And I knew I had the ear for music so I asked him if he mind if I shadow over him while he conduct business while he made beats music different tracks he told me now, sit down so I watched him for about 2 weeks then one day I got froggy and asked him to let me try and make a beat. he said go ahead I'll be in the other room one of the first solid track or song that I made was crazy it was named TaylorMade everybody like it for some reason that's what I wrote my first hooked so was pretty much uphill from there. I must say I officially been doing this for 3 years I never have my own equipment I got tired of going to other people studio and using their equipment is there when I come back data loss information lost computers broke down so I went to invest it in my own studio equipment and never look back.I went to jail fo a lil did about 19 mths then went back on a state technicality sit me down fo bout 60 mo days then it was back to tha music. I kinda found my sound that second time i sat down but tht all comes with life i learn my lesson an i moved on wit my life. All I do vocal recording I do all the music original I write and I am artist myself. my favorite quote Stay In My Own Lane!!! I never been published I can now say that I am an official member of ASCAP as a publisher/ songwriter/ an artist and no I don't think any celebrities could find me right now but give me a couple of months and they will be able to find me. and no I haven't work with any celebrities I would love to work with T Pain Mannie Fresh David Banner Timberland Dr Dre they are my super producers as a 80's baby. I will give back to the community my neighborhood my city plan on building a few parks I'ma stay the same with more knowledge and wisdom there would be no limit that I can't reach they say think outside the box I have no box.
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