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Phenom is an artist based in Washington, DC. His music is all about bridging the gaps between the punch of hip-hop and the melodies of R&B, making for a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound. The 26-year old artist has been able to play in front of over a hundred people as well as performing overseas (Adana, Turkey). His music has been selected numerous times to be featured in some of the hottest playlists on Reverberation, where he has over 300 fans and counting. Growing up through his early years, was actually a little shy and introverted in regards to music. However, he discovered music and poetry as a way to express himself beginning middle school and really managed to develop a life-long passion for music. Currently busy in the recording studio, putting the finishing touches on some new music, which will hopefully see the light of day very soon. #R&R #Next

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