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Denise Mariano, better known as E.L.L.E (an acronym for Elevate, Learn, Levitate, Ether), is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer. Born in Mozambique and raised in Switzerland, E.L.L.E ventured around Europe and South Africa, to where she initiated her singing career. E.L.L.E holds a specific sound to Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock and R&B. After developing a devotion to rapping, singing, and songwriting at the age of 12, E.L.L.E took to Johannesburg in July 2015 where she recorded her first professional record - 'In The Mirror' (mixed by Trevor Pienaar, produced by SP Anonymous and Alexis Faku, and mastered by Nick Ghelakis). The song was released on the 27th of May 2016. E.L.L.E continued on to release music online and her mixtape 'F-Word' in October 2017. The mixtape caught some attention as she continued to release singles working up to her second mixtape 'Cash n' Love' which is to be released shortly. E.L.L.E has also made mention of her album 'low energy (???)' set to be released in the summer of 2018, dealing with issues like depression and suicide. At 21 years of age (15.03.1996) E.L.L.E, who also goes by the name Young Mega, is focused on the release of her mixtape and album in 2018

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