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I WAS 12 YEARS OLD WHEN I DISCOVERED POETRY. IT FASCINATED ME MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLANET. The way an artist could go on stage and influence the emotions and energy of thousands of people with just their own words and the rhythm they delivered them with. I pursued my newfound passion. When I was 16 years old, i was asked to perform on stage at school, introducing a former Rwandan child soldier. Little did I know that there would be 2000 people in the audience. The strange thing was, when I got on stage, I didn't feel nervous at all. I asked the crowd to stand up. No matter their age, race, or nationality, every single person stood up. I asked the crowd to wave their hands. Again every single person got involved. That's when I realized the power music has to unite us. Since then I've tried to unite people in every way. My family, my friends, and the people I meet every day. I draw on the strength of the people around me to help push our dreams to the next level. The wolf is our logo because we move as a pack. A family. The flames symbolize the fire in us, the fact that we won't quit. And the wolf howling is a calling to all my wolves in the world, hustling trying to live their dream. The Movement Has Begun!

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