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Brynell Jones from Detroit Mi , grow up in a neighborhood where a lot of great singers from Motown lived there childhood at the NorthEnd. Music was a part of me since birth , my mother use to sing for church and school. So i always love music because she use to sing to me when i was a child. Being the only child i had freedom to find my gift in music as a young child, performing as Michael Jackson or Bobby Brown in from of my family or by myself in front of my imaginary fans. After college i drop two mixtape underground out of a car by myself , record over 50 songs also still working a 9 to 5 because im a parent of a beautiful little girl. Open up for Dru Hill , 112 and Guy at the Music Hall in Detroit. I just want to bring that 90's R&B back , that good feeling music that the beautiful ladies love.

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