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"There's a thirst for search in my journey, this is where my thoughtful creations manifest into physical universe. The most life changing experiences always unfold from the most unexpected places. It’s exciting." Meet Megan Kashat, a master of multiple mediums. An artist so expressive her true colors reveal herself on stage through song, dance and paint. It’s an electrifying performance. Kashat’s LIVE show is a blend of originally written Arabic/Electronic fused music, combined with an original choreographed performance, closed by Kashat painting a one of a kind artwork that she graciously gives away to an audience member before the curtains close. “No painting is premeditated. The energy of the audience and the impulse of the moment is what come to life in the painting. I don’t paint my feelings I feel my paintings. It isn’t until the piece is complete that I understand what God is communicating, and the part I play in that. I’m just a messenger.” Megan began as a professional dancer, leaving school to pursue her dreams at 16. By the tender age of 20 she had already shared the stage with Mariah Carey, Charlie Wilson, Big Sean, T.I., The Grammy Awards, Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey and several other Hollywood icons. A prodigy waiting to be discovered, Megan’s musical talents were found out by management of the Charlie Wilson tour, and it was there that she ventured off to share her not only her movement, but also her voice this time as well. Kashat is an internationally recognized recording artist & songwriter, traveling to many spotlights. In addition to the LIVE shows, Kashat is a commissioned artist. All serious inquiries can be sent to All PR inquiries should be sent to Aimee Spencer at

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