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From the streets of New York a dirty kid that went by the name "Lil C" grew up spitting that fire and writing raps. From getting in trouble as a youth "Lil C" kept one thing clear; his voice was going to be heard through his music and not just his mouth. Not only could he talk that talk but he walked that walk. Queens swag filled him full of confidence as well as having that self-drive. That same drive landed him on 106 & Park freestyle Fridays in 2005. Johnny Ka$h set flames to BETs' stage for 7 weeks straight before he was retired. For most this would've been the high light, but the tunnel still was dark and the light at the end never burned out. Fast track to 2017 and DaGhettoGhost has risen out of the ashes. An "Arizona Storm" nearly took his life and he is still standing strong giving you a testimony that will captivate the masses in the music industry. The road in front of DaGhettoGhost has opened up but nothing is promised. The dedication and consistency never stops. He keeps grinding and with a strong team his brand is being built every day. So stay tuned DaGhettoGhost, Danuva' Music Group, and Danuva' Clothing Co. are here to stay!!! #YOT7 The Danuva' way "Life Starts Now"!

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