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Hip-Hop’s newest Super Trio has been blazing stages, rocking parties, and going viral for well over a year and not one of them is old enough to legally drive. The high energy barely teen heartthrobs known as the Flex Gawds consist of brothers Rell and Dezo and their elementary school best friend Ken who together form what is fast becoming one of rap music’s most buzz worthy and notable acts. All hailing from the 757 area of Virginia, known as the 7 cities. This is an area made famous for being the home of music Legends like Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Teddy Riley, Pusha T, Malice, Bink Dawg, Nate Danjahandz, Nottz Raw, Lex Luger, Young Money Yawn and a small host of others. Its not surprise that an area such as this that is teeming with talent would be the stomping ground that these three audio amigos would begin to flex their musical muscles. Upon meeting they found that they had a mutual love for rapping and decided to form a group, which only strengthened their brotherly bond and comradery. Rell mentioned to his father that they were really serious about making music and unlike most parents who frown upon their children’s hip hop ambitions, their dad decided to immediately take the boys into a recording studio to see if their naggings had any merit. Judging by the fact that they’ve consistently recorded and performed ever since that day, I think that it would be safe to say that their father was pretty pleased with their initial recording session because he formed a company strictly to help push and develop his son’s dreams. They are now preparing the release of their first EP and music video for their hit song “FG Dance Anthem”. Collectively they’ve amassed an online social media following of nearly a quarter million followers solely off of their positive personalities, charisma, and charm. You can only imagine what the following will be when the world has had a chance to connect their handsome faces with the flawless musical project that is tentatively coming soon. So far these guys have been coasting effortlessly into the hearts and minds of adolescents from far and wide. Now imagine what will happen now that they are getting ready to flex. Stay tuned…

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