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Trix moved to Melbourne VIC, in January of 2016, Australia's second largest city and considered to be the most culturally diverse in terms of Hip Hop. Trix William's motivation and inspiration was quickly re-ignited, and became a prominent figure in the City's local music scene. Having multiple years of performing under his belt, free styling at local Hip Hop open mics and concerts became a weekly regularity. He was recognized for his strong tone and diction, his ability to weave complex lyrical flows with precise diction, fierce delivery and melodic tone. However it would be several more years to integrate and be recognized in the game overall, as he became a small fish in a very big pond. He carefully networked through collectives such as 'Can i Kick it?'and 'All You Can Spit. Trix invested hours of recording with producers such as Slik Kwame, Jon Emmenidis, and various artists local to the city. In the midst of adjusting to the much busier grind of the city lifestyle, Trix William expanded his musical diversity, having worked with a plethora of RaB, Rock, Jazz and Dancehall Artists. Several collaborations, however unofficially released contributed to his catalogue, but due to unstable jobs, failed relationships and falling out with numerous musical acquaintances Trix's main project, which has absorbed his focus from 2016 to the present, is yet to be released. 'Tall Poppy Syndrome', a collection of 18 tracks, which act as emotional snapshots which have challenged Trix through the numerous chapters of his musical journey, will be released in the spring of 2019. 3 years in the making the project aims to demonstrate the chameleonic style of Trix William, not being strictly Hip Hop, but an exploration of spiritual understanding of why he had to face the trials and tribulations he did to get to this pivotal point in his career. On February 23rd, Trix William competed in the Coast2Coast Showcase (Melbourne Edition) and was dubbed the 1st place winner. He is now gearing up to attend the annual Coast2Coast Music Conference held in Miami Florida on 31/08/2019. Trix William will perform and compete in Round One of the 2019 World Championship, where ultimately one artist will win $50,000. It will be Trix's first ever visit to America. Aside from his imminent attendance to the conference and the anticipated release of 'Tall Poppy', Trix William is an avid Hip Hop Producer and user of FL Studio, his works can be found on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. His 2015 release 'Philosophia', can be found on all relevant digital music platforms. His winning single 'Dig Deep', followed up his single release 'Least Resistance', two tracks which will again feature on the upcoming 'Tall Poppy' Release and will be showcased again through Coast2Coast.

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