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Remember that 90’s New Jack Swing, those timeless songs with that smooth groove anyone could relate to? BLKRaw has that one of a kind sound in every song that he creates. Ronnie Wimberly also known as BLKRaw, was born June 29th, 1986 in Oakland, CA. However during his childhood, he travelled from coast to coast from Tampa, FL to El Centro, CA. BLKRaw is a rare find, you could not classify him into any category because he has his own genre. He has a universal flow that everyone can relate to. He has the ability to give his listeners an all-around hip-hop and R&B Feel. He gets most if not all of his inspiration from music itself as well as from his older brother Sean who passed away in a car accident in 1998. Although Ronnie and his brother both had a passion for music, it was Sean’s big dream to pursue a career in music and be the next big artist. In his brother’s unfortunate passing, Ronnie has taken the reigns full throttle and never looked back. BLKRaw is a passionate, independent artist that is on his way to take the industry by storm. What sets him apart from other artists his universal flow, work-ethic, focus, drive, and the fact that he’s approachable in all regards, specifically his fans. “I want to take extra steps to talk to the people that showed me love after getting off the stage.” BLKRaw has worked with 3-time Platinum Recording Artist and Songwriter Mistah Fab on She’s so Ratchet” which had over 130,000 spins on Pandora, Freak ft. Jamillions, which had over 70,000 spins on Pandora, and Friends & Foes ft Vidal Garcia with over 50,000 spins on Pandora. His overall goal aside from building a legacy in the music industry is to be a master of his craft and make timeless hits. “I want to make that kind of music that is on the same level as Will Smith Summertime, Nas If I Ruled the World or Ruff Ryders by DMX. I want to give the people something they will never forget even years after I am done with the industry.”
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