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An Urban Movement created by American artist originally formed in Harlem, New York in 2003. The two founding members, Angel Munoz better known as Lord Aries and Luis Munoz also known as King Neptune, then relocated to The Bronx , where they acquired universal sound. section in the form of local Philadelphia musicians Jay Schmidt and Gary Jackson. The band has released six studio albums. Their music is commonly described as fusion of rock, hip hop, Latin and acoustic music. There Documentary Off Off Broadway, Growing up in Harlem shares a short back story go this two music genius brothers. This Dynamic Duo have been touring non stop for the last year. Lord Aries has his own tv series on Cough County, a cannabis network. Hosting to also starring at prime time for his news cast The Harlem Reporter. They have been involved in films behind the scenes in New York area. King Neptune been partners with Alex Hugo. Putting to full effect the Web series Bully. Bully is about a cop who goes Rouge. Filled with action pack and a great supporting cast. NFE as also been in the fashion world as well. Ambassadors for Infinite inferno and Styling there famous Bogo L ani Bogo L Fashions™ (meaning, Mud to Mud Fashions™) by The Doc Bongo™, Their Mentor and the creator of Jokes, Lies and Stories™, as a national and community synergist, as a veteran, a fencer, and a sensei in Chinese Goju, he represents and honors our heritage, spirit, and potential. The Doc Bongo who specializes in custom designed, personalized clothing that elevates consciousness. It reconnects us to the strength of an ancient culture steeped in the art of cloth weaving. The doc Bongo work has been applauded on runways, social media, and at fashion conventions. NFE have been guided by Great male Figures such as The Doc Bongo, who have shown them the way. Not only have they tackled the challenge but have over exceeded their peers exceptions. Not only to brake Stereotypes of the urban hip hop community but to kick knowledge everytime they get on stage with their flamboyant style. Demonstrating their Versatility with Spanish songs and rock music they aim to change the world of music.

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