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One of the hottest unknown artists coming up in the hip hop game, soon to break out of the shadows and expose all. Unafraid of the competition and willing to put everything on the line to make sure his voice is heard, you will be blown away with his musical talent and unbelievable story telling. Rappers beware of this Hitman! You sure don't want to be caught in his cross hairs, but an ally he will always welcome. Growing up In The Bronx, N.Y. he has broken through many obstacles mentally and financially. With doubt from others and little to no income, The Hitman had to learn to fend for him self. Fortunately music was nothing new to him since he has been perfoming since the age of 6 years old. Most of the time he has been mastering his writing skills, then later moved on to audio engineering and producing, he even learned to shoot videos professionally. The Hitman worked for a multimedia business and several clubs learning all the skills in order to get access to every thing he needed as an artist for himself due to lack of income. Resulting in the transformation of a performing and artistic juggernaut with extreme charisma, confidence and originality.  The Hitman project is the most recent project he has come out with, reflectng his life experience and thoughts in general. Be sure to download, follow and listen to the next Legend to be!

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