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Created for the bold, the daring, the game changers, Jorgie's premier single "Shag" is intended as the essence of absolute freedom and appreciation of Self, which is presented in a musical combination of subtle soul and jazz fusion, flared with modern rhythm and blues, laced with fine elements of rock. In collaboration with up-and-coming Charlotte music producer, August Grey, Jorgie's tell-all, introductory EP, "Medicillaneous", was inspired by the willing voice of Amy Lee, the audacious vocals of Sade, the vibrant serenades of Janet Jackson, the rich vocal tones of Toni Braxton, the flighty grundge of P!nk and the acoustic soul of Norah Jones. Jorgie is an American singer-actress presently creating and networking abroad in Europe. A captivating performer, Jorgie is currently touring the United States and Europe with her debut single "Shag". With much progress behind her as a published model, credited actress and backup dancer for Amanda Pollard, Jorgie is pushing full steam ahead as she remains an eternal student of Life. "Thank you for listening! Continue to Support The Art. I love you." -Jorgie
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2016 SHAG. RELEASE. MINGLE Charlotte, NC

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