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GeeZ is a inspiring diverse artist with talents stretching to singing and rapping also acting if needed. As a true fan of the Golden age of hip-hop GeeZ music brings you the vibe of that time while merging the feeling of southern sound with the lyricism Of the north as a the result of growing up in to far spaced cities (Philadelphia,PA & Tallahassee,FL). With the mixture of SOILED hip-hop verses and extraordinary bridges and hooks GeeZ creates and catches a symphonies of sound that can rival the harmony of a band. Being 1/2 of the duet T.Y.M(2YOUNGMEN)GeeZ & Vinnywitdaswag put the writing skills and singing backgrounds to work. 2YOUNGMEN being part of Entertainment records collaborate with other artist under the logo to make the rap group soon to be known as E.N.T(EXTREME NOISE TRIBE)
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