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I have previous work that has sold over 500 copies locally and this is without any production team at the time with the name of Laidbach there has been 4 mixtapes released from 2006-2010. Laidbach has a series of mixtapes titled "Legend in the making" series Vol. 1-3 : The Introduction vol. 1, The Beginning vol. 2, The Conclusion vol. 3 & The Upcoming Event I plan to release this year 3 new projects under my new moniker Elias starting with a mixtape of 24 songs , then a EP 8 songs and finally an album of 14 songs. All of which to show the death of a rapper becoming an artist with Laidbach playing role of rapper and Elias as artist. GET MONEY ENTREPRENEURS is created by Elias (Laidbach) -C.E.O./Artist , Bounce-C.F.O./C.O.O/Prod/Artist , TimeIsMoney T.I.M. -C.B.D.O./C.M.O./Prod/Artist, B.A.M.-RAP DUO/artist , (GET MONEY IS THE LABEL,STAY TRUE IS THE SLOGAN) #Bmore #GME
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Legend in the making Vol 3

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