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Meet 21 year old Mendy Tislin born in Port-au prince Haiti. Mendy moved to America when she was just 5 years old. Mendy moved to New York city and lived with her aunts, grandmother and father, her mother still remained back in Haiti. However Mendy and most of her family didn’t end up staying in New York City, Mendy her grandmother and aunts Moved to Northeast Philadelphia At the age of 10 where Mendy started performing and singing at her local church and soon after started performing at churches all around Philadelphia and even in New York city. Growing up in Philadelphia was the most difficult time for Mendy but she managed to sing her problems away. Mendy sang and wrote because she always felt out of place, and the only time she would be happy was when she was either writing or singing. Mendy has a great personality but a sad soul. Her music sparks a number of emotions her listening audience will laugh, cry, and even take some time to think. Mendy's lyrics comes from depression, heartbreaks and even some of the best times of her life. Mendy sings and writes because she feels like some people really need to hear what she has to say, she wants her music to touch the lives of the broken, sad, and even the happy. Life is hard but giving up is harder the Artist proclaims. In 2013 Mendy auditioned for the X factor and found herself in the second round but unfortunately the aspiring Artist  did not make it to the next level, but she never gave up. Most people don’t know but Mendy's biggest heartbreak didn’t come from a guy, it came from her mother, where she would be left to mend things all on her own through writing music. Mendy wrote songs about her journey and what it took for her to love herself again. Mendy sings for the ones who think that life isn’t worth living anymore. The message in her music is simply love. In a world of billions of people that are giving you reasons not to love yourself Mendy's only objective is to give people a billion reasons as to why they should. The Artist says " I want to reach out to my community, do the roads over build a couple houses and even a park or two so that the children can play". Mendy eventually wants to have a really huge concert in Haiti with some of the most well known Haitian bands perform so they are able to raise money and give back to the schools and hospitals etc. Mendy clearly cares about where she come from and care for her people, the Artist expresses that she knows they need her but she also says " I need them more". Look forward to the smooth tunes of the port-au prince island, Mendy does not really put her music in a genre because she is in love with every part of music; However her hearts dances for EDM and her soul yearns for kompa and Soca music. Mendy's message to everyone is peace, love and creating a way to master piece so she can create a masterpiece. The Artist wants everyone to know that "The great thing about music is you may sing in front of 85,000 people and they would be singing back to you with 85,000 different reasons"

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