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Typhoon was born Demetrius Bridges on October 13, 1992 in Mobile,AL in one of the roughest towns known as Prichard. When he was a toddler his parents moved him and his older sister to Citronelle,AL on the north side (45 North). His parents later had 3 more kids. As a child he was an honor roll student and he loved basketball and music. When he first attended high school he began to get mixed up with what the small town had to offer, which was guns, violence, and drug dealing. Even though he maintained a 3.65 GPA and graduated with honors he was skipping class and never attended college to pursue his academic talents. He experienced the loss of friends to street violence and even loss one close friend to a police shooting. Typhoon experienced a lot of hardship situations at a young age. This is what sets his music aside from others and puts him in a different category. He makes reality music about the things he's seen and done which some classifies as "Reality Rap". He fathers one daughter and has another child on the way. He talks a lot about having bills and taking care of children. Typhoon also talks about being without lights and water which he has experienced in his past. His demeanor is very unique and quite different from most young artist. With his story telling style and the emotion in his voice you can't help but to feel where he's coming from. He tends to try to touch people on a different level. "My music might make you laugh, cry, mad or whatever but one thing I can say you will feel it on some type of level." said Typhoon when asked to describe his music. His manager and producer Chris Beckham a.k.a. Krayzie has said that Typhoon is one of the most talented artists he's ever seen. Krayzie being a veteran in the underground world has seen a lot of artists but says Typhoon is something special. Typhoon has one official mixtape under his belt titled "Memories of Nightmares" available on Spinrilla. People in the streets of Alabama are already calling it a classic. His ability to tell real life events and stories and paint vivid pictures almost as if you were there is unbelievable at times. He's definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with. He is currently doing shows around the south and promoting his single Trap Jumpin prod. by Ron G. which will be on his second project titled Promethazine Dreamz which he plans to release later in 2017. Typhoon is an independent artist right now and plans to continue to make music to reach the next level. He is definitely someone you want to keep your eyes on in the near future. His contact info is: 251-509-9717, 251-709-9088. Email: or Twitter:@da_real_typhoon Instagram:@da_real_typhoon Snapchat: typhoon_100
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Memories of Nightmares
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Trap Jumpin Single

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