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Thadduse Golden Jr. is an enthusiastic artist and an aspiring musician who holds an immense passion for the art of music. Thadduse belongs from the city of Jackson, Tennessee and is the 2nd oldest child of 5 and is a brother to a couple of sisters and brothers. Thadduse studied at the Liberty Tech High School but dropped out in the 11th grade in order to pursue music as a profession. Thadduse always had a remarkable passion for the art of music and at an age of 16 he got indulged with the music and began pursuing it as a profession. Thadduse formed a band named Rosewood Clique alongside his friend just in order to pass time and the band was more of a result of their boredom than anything else. The Rosewood Clique didn’t have much success as they stopped just after a couple of songs. Although, they did appeared and performed at a couple of renowned talent shows but still the band broke apart ultimately After a long span of 6 years, Thadduse picked up the microphone again in order to pursue a career as an independent artist. This time Thadduse was accompanied by his younger brother who has always looked up to Thadduse and has always acclaimed and highly praised his musical abilities and talents. In a way, Thadduse younger brother became the source of his inspiration and motivated him to once again pursue a profession in the field of music. Thadduse younger brother recently formed a band named 4 Ever Young Ent alongside him and the duo lately moved to Las Vegas in order to pursue a career in music professionally. Thadduse is geared up with a formidable blend of both immense passion and unshaken determination that has motivated him in the past and is also his current source of inspiration. Thadduse primary objective is to constantly work on enhancing his abilities and skills and is currently in awe of the opportunities to showcase his skills and musical talents to the world. Thadduse is an affectionate family guy and a proud father of three beautiful children. Thadduse children are his greatest source of inspiration and his major emphasis is on showcasing to his children that pursuing a dream with utmost belief can inevitably turn the dream into a reality. Thadduse goal is to acquire such remarkable stature as a musician that he can provide all the luxuries of the world to his children that he could never have.

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